Why has my third ptosis revision with an oculoplastic surgeon left me with assymetric eyelids? (Photos)

Secondary ptosis repair in both eyes two years ago with an oculoplastic surgeon.Undergone 2 revisions in r.eye for undercorrection in 2 years and bleph in both for redundant skin post ptosis surgery. 3 weeks post and R lid looks ptotic with lid assymetry. Is there any chance for improvement? I would not do revision with same surgeon . 3 weeks is early but I anticipate less than optimal results. My R eye has had 4 surgeries starting at age 27. Is it ok to revise in a year?

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The dilemma here is that you are seeing reconstructive not aesthetic surgeons.

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The goal here has to be more than correcting the eyelid margin position, which is important.  You also have a very hollow upper eyelid sulcus.  It would be helpful to have correction for that.  Essentially your crease is too high and needs to be lowered.  Now with so many surgeries on these eyelids, the resources let in the eyelid many not be what was originally there.  Each of these situations is unique.  Yes, these eyelids need to heal for at least 6 months.

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Multiple eyelid ptosis operations

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Revision ptosis may be possible through special technique. See link below. Another problem you have is hollowness above the right eye which can be improved nonsurgically with filler injection.

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