What procedures do I need to look more feminine? Is this salvageable? (photos)

Hi, I'm a trans woman, already had rhinoplasty. I've gotten a lot of different opinions on this, but it would be so helpful to get some professional feedback. Would a chin shave, jaw shave, lip aug, cheek aug, and maybe 2nd rhinoplasty help? I don't want too much done but I definitely need something done. I feel my face is too long/gaunt, my lips definitely too thin, and my jaw and chin too masculine. Thank you in advance for your advice. It would mean a lot to me.

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A few small touches

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You look great, and there is no one feature that sticks out as priority #1.  There are a few procedures that would make subtle changes that I think you would really like.  Forehead surgery to round out your hairline and remove what minimal brow bossing you now have would be something to consider.  This would give you more freedom to wear your any way you wanted without worrying about showing your temporal recession.  At the same lifting your eyebrows and removing some bone would help reduce the heaviness above your eyes.  Reducing the angle of your jaw would be very feminizing.  Your chin is taller and wider than those of most women, and it is slightly taller on the right.  Reducing your chin and making it more symmetric would be a nice change.  you have full cheek bones to the side, but adding volume under your eyes would look youthful and feminine. I also agree with lifting your lip and adding some volume.  I would wait on revising your nose until after all of the other procedures.  If you still don't like it then talk with someone about a revision rhinoplasty, but I think it is already nice and feminine.  Good luck!

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Minneapolis Otolaryngologist
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Facial feminization surgery FFS

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Thank you for your question and photos. I agree with you in that you don't need too much done. I think your nose looks good, only revise if it bothers you a lot. I would recommend forehead contouring, hairline lowering and browlifting. In terms of your jaw, some contouring of the chin area and sides will give it a softer more feminine look. Lip lift with lip aug will certainly help. Fat transfer/grafting can give a thin face a soft and feminine appearance as well. Good luck.

Jeffrey Jumaily, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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MTF face surgery

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You have a lot of procedures named.I would advance the hairline (shorten the forehead) - something you didn't mention but would be powerful.I would reduce the chin width but not projection.  And remove the cleft.I would reduce the mandible height (ramus and gonial angle) but not the width.I like your nose - too much more and it will look operated on.I would augment the upper lip just a little and mind shorten it slightly too.I wouldn't do too much more than that at the risk of looking too done.

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