Post otoplasty, is it okay to wear this ear bud? (Photos)

I am 2 months post op and my job wants me to wear one of these ear pieces, didn't know if it was ok or if it would affect my result, thanks!

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Ear buds after otoplasty

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That type of ear bud should not give you any post op issue, although; you should consult with your plastic to surgeon to get specific post op instructions that he prefers after your surgery.

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Wearing an ear bud post otoplasty

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It should be fine for you to wear the pictured ear bud two months after otoplasty. Having said that, each surgeon has their own style in the post operative management of the patient. I would therefore recommend you discuss this with your chosen plastic surgeon. I hope this helps.

Post otoplasty

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Those ear pieces should not have an effect on your results. Keep in mind to be gentle when inserting and removing the buds. Contact your surgeon's office and just inform them on the need to wear ear pieces for work.

Edward J. Gross, MD
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Ear Surgery Post Otoplasty

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Thank you for your question about recovery from otoplasty.

Yes, it is probably okay to wear at ear bud at two months.

For specific permission, it is best to speak with your doctor or doctor’s representative – such as his or her nurse, or the physician on call for the practice.

You will likely get many different opinions from members of the RealSelf Community, but they have not physically seen or examined you, and nobody knows you or the circumstances better than your doctor.

Best Wishes.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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