Possibly cracked teeth: implants or Invisalign first?

I have a few root canaled teeth that still have temp sensitivity, and my dentist suspects they are cracked, although that isn't showing up on the xray. My bottom teeth are also crooked and I was planning on getting invisalign but I don't know if I can now. I know it's better to get ortho treatment before implants but i'm not sure if it's a good idea to move possibly cracked teeth. I don't want to pull all 4 out first because we aren't sure if that's what the issue is. I'm not sure how to proceed.

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Treatment order ?

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I suggest starting with Invisalign. Moving your teeth into ideal position before placing the implants is a better choice. The possibly cracked teeth can be extracted at any point but it's best not to extract teeth if you don't have a good diagnosis. Your dentist or an endodontist may be able to do a 3D scan of the teeth to determine if there is a crack. 

Dallas Dentist

Do ortho first before implant

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I would suggest doing the orthodontic treatment first.  With orthodontic treatment, you can actually preserve or create space for implants.  Once implants are placed, they cannot be moved.  You can move teeth even endo-treated teeth but you cannot move implant.  I would suggest that you consult your dentist.

Jean-Paul Banh, DDS
Federal Way Dentist

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