Possibility of Hispanic hooded eyes to Korean monolid eyes? (Photo)

I have extremely hooded eyes that people already consider that i am/look Asian. Normally the Caucasian/white people i see with hooded eyes, have their eyebrows low and close to their eyes and don't give a Asian look. But when it comes to me, people ask if I'm a mix of races. My facial bone structure is sorta flat, my eyebrows are high and my eye lids do cover everything of my crease when i look straight. So basically i wanted to know if i could get monolid eyes when im kinda half way there.

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You certainly could have double fold surgery.

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However, that will not per se make you look Korean.  Even without surgery, makeup and hair are a big part of the "Korean" look.  These are changes you can make without resorting to surgery.  If you decide on eyelid surgery, it is critical you find someone who actually understands what you are looking for and can deliver it.

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