Layer zirconia crown vs Emax crown for strength+aestetic on front teeth? Bridge crown vs individual crowns for 4 front teeth?

Two questions: I want to replace 4 front teeth (#7, 8, 9, 10) with crowns (#9 is an Emax crown and just had a root canal). My dentist recomended layered zirconia instead of Emax for better strength (says Emax breaks so easy while the high translucency of layer zirconia is as good as Emax). Has anyone used layer zirconia and Emax for comparison?

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Emax for front crowns #DrSoftTouch

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Emax will look better than Zirconia hands down. Emax is the esthetic material of choice for crowns and veneers on front teeth while also offering strength.  Zirconia restorations are strong, but they tend to look opaque and don’t have a natural translucent appearance like Emax restorations do. I hope this helps. Click "save" under my name, if you'd like to ask me more questions in the future.

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