I want to SMILE!! Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm ready to smile with confidence and not be feel ashamed. I want to just focus on the front part of my mouth. I had two teeth removed rom the front upper area so now I have a partial. Ibwould say some of my teeth are decaying. I am wanting to get this process started soon. I know I will never have the perfect smile. I just want a smile that is perfect to smile. HELP!! THANK YOU:-)

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YES, you can have a solution, and you will love your smile with a combination of different procedures, it could be bridges and crowns , you will be able to change shape, size an color. and you will have the smile you always wanted. now, if you only want to restore those gaps, dental implants  could be your best option. 

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You have lots of options--It is important to first assess the entire situation--where you are and then where you want to get to. That will determine a plan to proceed with. We usually start with a thorough interview of what your goals are and then proceed with the examination and records. We then develop a plan together discussing all of your options. You still have lots to work with. Good luck

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thanks for sending your question. I am sorry to hear about loosing some front teeth. Its important to focus on the health of the gums and the remaining teeth. As long as there is no immediate caries that needs to be removed, I would recommend some quick orthodontics to correct the midlines and symmetry of your front teeth. Then immediately following that you have options of placing some implants in the missing areas with veneers in your smile line to correct the esthetic issues. You may also consider restoring the missing lower teeth with implants. I am confident that you can smile with confidence. Please visit someone with good experience in cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry to help achieve your goals.

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