I breast fed my children, and decided to get implants. I hate them was a 32b now I am a 32d; what do I do? (Photos)

Doctors always say that you will have grandma boobs or be flat!!!!! Is there a doctor that can make the breast less saggy without implants? Iam not looking for perfect or big boobs. I just want my breAst to be cute and small like they were before I breastfed. and fat transfer not an option I can't pay 10000 dollars for something that doesn't last!!! Plus I don't have enough fat! If a girl walks in your office and has a deflated 32 b is implants the only option ?

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I breast fed my children, and decided to get implants. I hate them was a 32b now I am a 32d; what do I do?

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Actually, your breasts look quite nice and natural. What is it about them that you dislike so much?

Much more information is needed to determine exactly what you need to meet your goals. Are your implants over or under the muscle. Are they saline or gel? A very natural result can be achieved with gel implants providing they are properly placed under the muscle and no encapsulation occurs.

Judging from your photos, your nipples are above your inframammory crease and you have little sun damage and skin laxity, so you probably do not need an uplift.

Thank you for your question and photos, and I wish you the best.

What do I do to change my shape after having my children. My current implant is too full

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Thanks for the question.  Perhaps utilizing a smaller natural shaped, tear drop designed implant , in addition to performing some limited breast lifting with an inframammary incision might be a recommendation that could be made.  This is a decision that could only be put forth to you after a full examination and discussion in an office.  Fat grafting certainly can be a consideration, but you are correct in stating that some of the fat may be lost, requiring further addition of more fat at a later time, and one has to have reasonably good donor sites to contribute the fat that is to be used.  You may consider the possibility of asking your Plastic Surgeon to exchange the current implant for a tear drop shaped implant of a smaller size.

Good luck to you.

Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kayser

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Thank you for your question. I can totally understand your concerns. An implant is intended to increase the breast size and, to many women, this may not necessarily be what they desire. In your situation, it appears that your skin envelope was also thinner which led to a higher rate of visible and palpable irregularities wh÷n the implant was placed. With the addition of an implant and the added stress of the skin, like a Chinese finger trap, your tissues were elongated and stretched out as a result.

There is another option which involves removing the implants along with simultaneous fat transfer. This would allowed some volume replacement and help correct many of the deformities that were created by the placement of the implant in the first place. Although you may not achieve your desired volume at the initial setting, repeat procedures can be performed if desired, although I'm not sure, based on your description, that you would even want or need this. I would certainly encourage you to seek out a consultation with the board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in these many aspects of breast surgery. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day. Dr. Kayser - Detroit

Melek Kayser, MD
Detroit Plastic Surgeon
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Dear Kfincher21,

Before discussing options for improvement of your current breast appearance, we would need to know EXACTLY what it is that you dislike about your current implants, and what type of implants they are.  For example, do you dislike the shape, the width, the rippling?  With the myriad of implant types, sizes and shapes that we now have available, your specific dissatisfactions can possibly be improved.  Unfortunately, your thin body habitus precludes you from fat transfer.  Finally, don't ever expect to get the same breasts that you had before childbirth and breastfeeding.  Implants are your only option and they are not breast tissue.  Good luck!


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A mastopexy or breast lift will lift and re-shape the breast without implants. This might have been an option before, and is certainly an option now. If you hate your implants, then you should have them taken out, and consider a mastopexy later.

Good luck,

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