Would I be a good candidate for lumineers? And if not what's my best option? (photos)

I don't exactly have the worst teeth in the world but my smile still aesthetically displeases me. I have an extremely crooked front tooth, a small chip on my second front tooth and my teeth are slightly yellow and not as straight as I'd like them to be. I assumed Lumineers would be a good option for me since I don't have to ruin my natural teeth to get them and the procedure is relatively quick and easy. I'm scared they will be too bulky and fake looking. I DONT want braces or Invisalign.

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Lumineers are an option, but probably not your best option because in your case, they will tend to be bulky and have a high likelihood of coming off.  It's true that you would not require any shaping of your natural teeth, but you do not want to risk the Lumineers falling off.  

I would recommend porcelain veneers.  If done properly, you would have no bulkiness.  You would have something very durable and permanently straight and white.  Feel free to contact me if you're unable to find someone in your area.  Take care. 

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Lumineers may give less than ideal results. Consider starting with DNA Appliance

You have a narrow maxilla and a V shaped arch, these can often spell cosmetic issues with Lumineers.

I would consider utilizing orthopedic growth to expand your underdevloped maxiila, eliminate dark buccal corridors and create a 10 or 12 tooth smile instead of your four tooth smile.

4 or 6 veneers will probably not give an ethetic improvement and may look worse. 10 - 12 veneers could give the look of a full healthy smile without maxillary expansion and would give instant results.

a full healthy smile is best achieved with expansion and the DNA Appliance is ideal in adults who want to avoid surgery.

The SARPE procedure can also provide excellent results but carry minimal surgical risks.

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