Death in family - Is taking a flight safe 10 days post-op from septo rhinoplasty? Worried about altitude and pressure.

I am currently 8 days post-op from a septoplasty, bilateral turbinectomy/turbinate reduction, and stenosis repair of a collapsed nostril from a previous rhinoplasty 8.5 years ago. My husband's grandmother has passed away, and I plan to fly to Canada at 10 days post-op. I called my doctor's office, Charlotte ENT, and the on-call after hours doc said yes, it's safe. Just looking for reassurance here. I'd hate to have a medical emergency out of the country. Thanks in advance!

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Flying after rhinoplasty

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Ten days after surgery, you should be ok to fly. You should drink lots of fluids and get up regularly to maintain good blood flow in your legs. You are right to check with your surgeon.

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You should be fine for travel, but expect some stuffiness and congestion. I see many patients from other cities and international locations for nasal surgery and typically permit travel after 8 days. Email or speak to your surgeon specifically for recommendations and schedule a follow up visit upon your return. It's important to be with family after your husband's grandmother's passing. My sincere sympathies. 

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