Facial filler risks - what are the actual odds? (photos)

I am 43 and have been through a couple of years of work-related stress, an illness episode (pneumonia), anxiety, and 30 lbs weight loss (mostly gained back). Unfortunately, the weight loss also led to face thinning and waves in the cheek profile, which hasn't corrected when I regained the weight. I am considering fillers but am terrified of the risk of having a blood vessel injected or any other sinister possibility. What are the odds of such an event - assuming a highly qualified injector?

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Filler complications

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The risk of a significant complication resulting from the injection of medical grade fillers is less than one percent.  Research the providers in your area. Schedule a consultation with an injector and take your time discussing your expectations and what they can (or can't!) do for you.   Don't be afraid to ask about results and complication rates for a particular practitioner.  If you can, talk to other patients about their experience.  Overall, the risk is minimal in experienced hands, but not zero.  You should be comfortable that the person treating you is well versed in both the technique and science of injecting.

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