Deviated septum/difficult breathing? (Photos)

I have a deviated septum and it's difficult to breath out of my left nostril. I would like a doctor who is great at achieving symmetrical nostrils and nose. I don't want to go in and come out with hideous nostrils. I really want my nose just slightly improved, symmetrical and a nose I can breath out of! I wanna know if it will be difficult on my nose. i don't hate my nose and if it isn't likely to achieve a natural symmetrical nose I'll just stick to septoplasty alone.

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"Finesse" Rhinoplasty

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It sounds like you have very realistic goals for your surgery.  This is very important going in as it can be very difficult to achieve completely symmetric nostrils.  Most of the time, the septum is at least partially to blame.  Therefore, you will need to choose a surgeon who is adept at septoplasty as well as rhinoplasty.  With great bias, I recommend a facial plastic surgeon.  I would also comment, based on your photos, that a "finesse" type of rhinoplasty would be most appropriate.  This means that small changes should be made, with minimal chance of creating a new issue from the surgery itself.  In this regard, I would not choose to perform open rhinoplasty.   Choose your surgeon wisely.  In rhinoplasty (counterintuitively), making a nice nice a bit nicer can be much trickier than making a very distracting nose acceptable.  

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Nostril Symmetry Concerns

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You have a beautiful nose, but it appears that the caudal septum is protruding into the left nostril which creates the asymmetry you dislike. Appropriate correction of your septal deviation can easily include correction of the caudal end with significant improvement of your nostril size differences. There is no need to change any other aspect to your nasal appearance. In my practice, we commonly correct caudal septal deformities while performing septoplasty. Please contact my office if you wish further assistance. Best Wishes. 

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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