What is the average cost range for an all on 6 implant for an upper arch with a hybrid bridge that screws in place?

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All-on-6 Price

Price for an upper All-on-6 could start at $25,000 including the prosthesis. This could vary from case to case, but is a good starting point for you to reference work done by a qualified surgeon, restorative dentist, and reputable lab. Good luck on your search!


The cost ranges from 25,000 to 35,000 based on number of implants and materials used. This is not a procedure i would choose based on cost. Go to the best surgical/prosthetic team you can find, someone who will stand by their work and provide you with results that will last a long time 
Best of luck

Cost Of Implants

It is hard to tell you without looking at a 3D CT scan of your jaws to see what would be required to give you dental implants.  Schedule an appointment with a periodontist (gums and bone specialist) and have them give you a detailed treatment plan with associated costs.  Good luck.  

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Best option for yr case

cost of dental implant depends of many factors like. yr location, implant brand, technique used, implant type , any additional surgery etc......., so it is difficult to say about pricing. in usa dentist charge between 2000 to 4000 $ per implant + prosthesis. but if u want to save money, best option for u is dental tourism. u will save upto 70% on your total treatment costing. dental tourism is very famous for dental implants.

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