Is it advisable to get both Velashape and Ultrashape treatments at the same appointment?

I'm asking as that is what my aesthetician wants to do three sessions, two weeks apart. First a Velashape treatment on stomach, then Ultrashape, then another Velashape. I exercise, eat healthy and work out regularly. It's just that stubborn tummy fat that comes with age I'm trying to trim down. I'm reading far better reviews re: Ultrashape and am hearing so much about the pain of Velashape with lesser results than Ultrashape.

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Both at the same time

Great question!  At our office we tend to add velashape III to our Ultrashape power.  Our protocol is to warm the fat gently first with Velashape III then proceed to Ultrashape for the fat destruction and then finally use the Velashape III again to perform gentle lymphatic massage.  We do the procedures two weeks apart so really it only takes a month to complete.

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