Need advice on plastic surgeon and experience for calf implants and Brazilian butt lift.

Had consultations w/ 2 PS's in Charlotte area: 1st-board cert, well known, 30 yrs exp and I know he will do great job, BUT I cannot afford him for both procedures. If anything, will go w/ him for only calves. 2nd-board cert, good credentials, 4 yrs exp, used to work for 1st PS for 3 yrs, work looks good BUT he's done maybe 8 calf implants only. Quoted $20k less for both procedures, BUT works for another PS who is NOT board cert and that scares me a bit. Advice on 2nd PS? Go with him or not good idea?
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Calf implants - choosing the right surgeon

Thank you for asking about your calf implants.
  • I think you need to get some more information -
  • Call the office of the first plastic surgeon and be honest - say you've seen the second surgeon but want to know why he isn't in practice with them any longer.
  • Then call the second surgeon and ask him the same question -
  • It is odd that a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon let a better practice to join a different one -
  • But the truth may be he is going to take over the practice of the surgeon who isn't Board Certified and didn't have that opportunity with the first surgeon. That would be reassuring.
  • If you are told they can't tell you the reasons, ask if it is a for legal reasons. If so,  it suggests there was a legal dispute and there is a gag order - if so, I would look for a 3rd surgeon because the first is too expensive and you don't have the information you need to assess the second surgeon. 
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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