Are There Any Doctors Who Have Done Lipo, A Small Amount Of Fat Grafting And An Implant On A Male?

I have given upon the idea of a male getting a BBL.  I am physically active: work out 5 days a week. I now need to lose the weight I gained for the BBL as I was told by several doctors it was inaccessible and not enough. Are there any doctors who have done lipo, a small amount of fat grafting and an implant on a male? I see many pics of bodybuilders who have gotten them. What is the largest implant I can safely use? What would be an approximate cost?

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Male Buttock Augmentation with Implants and Fat Grafting

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Buttock implants with fat grafting is a good combination provided that one places the implant in an intramuscular position. This leaves the subcutaneous space above the muscle available for the placement of fat injections. The usual buttock implant size limitation is around 300 to 350cc for women and 400cc even for a large man. It is far better to have the buttock implant inside the muscle as the infection and seroma risk is then very low. This combination I have done with some frequency in women but have never had a request in a man for buttock implants. There is no difference between a female and a male buttock implant procedure. 

Liposuction and BBL

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Thank you for asking about combining liposuction, buttock implants and fat grafting.

  1. Plastic surgeons often combine implant surgery, liposuction and fat grafting. 
  2. Buttock implants have a high risk of infection - about are 25% removed for it.
  3. New techniques are lower the risk but in this area, your risk of a complication rises with large and very large buttock implants. Best wishes.

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