Is Charlie Horse Spasms Part of the Healing Process in MR?

I am 6 weeks out of MR TT are muscles spasms part of the healing process? I was standing straight but over the weekend I now need to be hunched over at times. Is there something I am not doing correctly? do I need more water I am consuming 8- 16 oz. daily.

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Muscle spasm after Tummy Tuck?

Thank you for the question.

What you are describing is quite normal and common after tummy tuck surgery. Pay attention to your activity level and see if the muscle spasms are increased after certain activities. Otherwise, I do not think that you are necessarily doing anything incorrectly or are dehydrated.

Generally, these muscle spasms improve with time. If not make sure you follow your plastic surgeon for direct examination.

Best wishes.

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Muscle spasms can occur for weeks after a tummy tuck

Sometimes patients can have a sudden onset of pain in their belly after a tummy tuck is performed.  I have seen this in my own patients once in a while, and it can go on for several weeks.  This is not something that i was taught during my training, but i have learned that a little muscle relaxant is actually more effective at preventing this pain than a narcotic or other pain reliever.

i have theorized (but have no proof) that this pain is due to spasms in the muscle that i tightened when i imbricated the abdominal wall.  That would explain why the muscle relaxant gives all of these people relief.

So, if you experience sudden pain in one side of the abdomen periodically, and suddenly several weeks after a tummy tuck, it COULD BE muslce spasms.  Check with your plastic surgeon and make sure nothing else is wrong.

Hope this helps...

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