Hard Lump, Formed Soft Head Like Cyst then Busted and Drained, Now Holes in Breast? (photo)

What is This on my Breast After Fat Transfer? I had fat transfer to my breast about 5 months ago.Most of hard lumps went away but 1 of the hard lumps formed a red, hot spot on my breast which then developed a head like a cyst then it busted & alot of "stuff" drained for days. I am guessing that was the dead fat. I was on augmentin when it first appeared red but it still got worse.I ended up going to ER where I got zyvox, still didnt clear it up & another 1 formed from a hard spot which has now swelled & busted leaving 2 holes in breast.

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"Cysts" and drainage after fat transfer to the breasts

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Based on your photos and description of your postoperative course, it appears that you developed a postoperative infection after fat was transferred to your breasts. At this point, if you are still having issues with redness, drainage, pain, etc., I recommend an evaluation by an Infectious Disease specialist. Cultures should be obtained so that the most effective antibiotic can be prescribed. Thank you for sharing your photos and concerns. Best wishes.

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