Can minoxidil be used to treat chronic telogen effluvium in a 21 year old male? With good results/regrowth? Trigger is difficult

As the question above asks. The trigger is emotional in nature and fairly traumatic. I'm currently seeing a therapist to help. Right now the shedding is very noticable and does not help. In order to better address the trigger, the stress of the hair loss stopping would be a great help. Should i start minox until i can remove the trigger? Will it help a lot until i can really address the issue?

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Chronic telogen effluvium

Certainly you can try minoxidil to help treat chronic telogen effluvium but the best treatment is to remove the stressor/trigger.

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Minoxidil and telogen effluvium

Yes, the mechanism of action for minoxidil is such that with consistent use of at least 4-6 months, it will encourage follicular growth.

Baubac Hayatdavoudi, MD
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Hair Loss Stress-Hair Loss Treatments-Prp and Progesterone, Hair Transplant

Sure you can start Minoxidil, but a combination approach will give you better results. I recommend a consultation with a hair loss expert to go over your condition and options. PRP and progesterone injections are also good options and/or hair transplantation. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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CTE in 21 year old male

CTE is not an easy problem to treat and although minoxidil is the only medication used, it is often not very effective.  Make sure that you do not have genetic balding

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