Should I do Lypo with a Panniculectomy? (photos)

I have lost 66lbs and am scheduled to have a breast reduction and a panniculectomy . I am worried about not getting the results of what I have in my head . I still have some fat on my hips. What would you reccomend ? I feel like when they do the pani I am going to have a serious case of dog ears ? So would you reccomend Lypo ? My insurance has approved the breast reduction and the panniculectomy but I don't believe they will do anything else . What is the cost of something like that

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Tummy tuck

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Looking at your photos it appears that you have a lot of skin and tissue above your belly button and on the sides.  A panniculectomy will not address these areas.  You are a good candidate for a full abdominalplasty with Liposculpture of your flanks. Talk to a board certified plastic surgeon for the best advice and results.

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Honestly, I don't think you'll get excellent results with just a panniculectomy and lipo.  Remember a panniculectomy is an insurance procedure just meant to prevent the skin from hanging over the pubic bone causing skin breakdown.  It is NOT a cosmetic operation.  Your best bet is to see if there is a way to add a tummy tuck to the panniculectomy and get an excellent cosmetic result.

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Lipo with panniculectomy?

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Your history of 66 lb loss and the pic indicates that panniculectomy or even with liposuction will not adequately treat the abdominal wall. More than likely an extension of the abdominal scar will be necessary to minimize the occurrence of dog ears. Remember, a panniculectomy does not move the umbilicus, does not impact the muscle wall and does not address the skin above the umbilicus. The cost to add these things will vary from office to office. It is necessary to discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon in a face to face assessment.

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