I just read something about a new laser called erbium being used for the upper lip area. Is this better than Fraxel Restore?

After reading a success article on the erbium laser, I'm wondering if this is better than the Fraxel Restore laser treatments? What are the differences & risks? It sounded like the erbium was fairly new. My lip wrinkes are from sun & former smoking, drinking from a straw. Plus I catch myself pursing my lips. I'm 49 and would like to treat this before it gets worse without spending a fortune. Thanks for any help! I'm in sales & my looks somewhat effect my income.

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Erbium vs Fraxel vs microneedling

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OK, firstly erbium laser is not new, it over a decade old. Fraxel ReStore and RePair is also old technology, this does not mean it does not work, however Specialist will always find the best method to address your concerns. In your case, a very though examination MUST be made. Lines on your lip maybe due to age, sun damage, smoking, or in some cases dynamic (muscle habit movements). Treatments such as erbium, Co2, micro Botox, Skin needling RF, and even fillers can help. Some patients require only one treatment, others a combination. As with all skin treatments, a tailored one will give you the best results. Its never about the machine, its about the METHOD. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

Erbium vs Fraxel

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There are several different technologies available for peri oral lip lines. We usually recommend Fraxel ablative however injections are also very helpful. We have the Erbium laser as well but your physician will decide what would be best for you.

Roy G. Geronemus, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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