Gum Sensitivity Where Tooth Was Bonded?

I chipped my tooth when I was younger and got a new bonding in 2008. My bonding is still intact today, however I am beginning to experience gum sensitivity on the tooth where I had the bonding. Is it time for a new bonding? Will anbesol help until I get to the dentist? Thank you for your answers.

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Gum Sensitivity Where Tooth Was Bonded?

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Does the bonding extend down to or below the gumline?  If so, it may be irritating your gums and causing inflammation and resultant sensitivity.  Does your  gum tissue  look red?  Another sign of inflammation.  You should get to your dentist as soon as possible so he/she  can determine the cause of your sensitivity.  Anbesol can be used temporarily for short term relief.  New bonding may or may not be necessary.

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