Dental work after major trauma to the face, should I stop trying to save tooth and get implant or continue? (photos)

I was in a terrible boat accident and one of my teeth, I think tooth 7, was pushed up back into the jaw and broke the jaw. I had oral surgery to repair the bone and reposition the teeth. I had two successful root canals on the two teeth on either side of the pushed up one. But the one that pushed up, the endodontist placed medicine in the tooth and is trying to save it. I just found out yesterday that this process could take months. Wouldn't I be better off just getting an implant?

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Root canal treatment or dental implant

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The critical question is the prognosis of the tooth with root canal and restoration. In my opinion, if it is better than 85% and long term success can be anticipated by the treatments, it is better to complete endodontic treatment and restoration and keep tooth. If there are other complications or potential fractures, bone loss, etc that can compromise the success and health of adjacent structures, then it is better to extract, graft site, and go the dental implant option. See link for one of my blogs on this topic.

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Things should heal before making permanent decisions

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While you may ultimately lose the tooth and go the implant route, it is early.  Also, implants can take up to a year (sometimes MORE!), so if you are looking for a quicker solution, dental implants are NOT the answer.  Implants are great, but cost both money and TIME.

Tooth or Implant

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Implants are great, but they aren't like your teeth. If the tooth can be saved, it makes more sense to do that than to take it out and have an implant, which also takes time to restore.

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Boat accident

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I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I understand that you are looking for answers but more information is needed to give you a diagnosis. Implants are not instant gratification. They require time to heal and the process can take up to a year before the tooth is restored. I'm sure your dentist has your best interest in mind. If you have concerns get a second opinion. 

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