How Much Does Labiaplasty Usually Cost?

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Costs for #CosmeticLabIaplasty

Costs for #CosmeticLabIa and #CosmeticFemaleSugery
Costs will depend upon the specific surgery that is requested, type of anaesthesia, experience of the surgery, and geographic location.
Estimated fees can be found on Real Self, and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery website.

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Cost of labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is relatively inexpensive compared to other plastic surgery procedures, mainly because it can be done under local anesthesia.  The price ranges from $2700-$3500 in Canada.

Cost of Labiaplasty

I perform all my labiaplasty under general anesthesia. As a female plastic surgeon, I believe that general anesthesia creates the most comfortable environment for the patient and I also use many many very fine sutures for the closure under magnifying loopes so I need my patients to be completely still for precise closure. In general labiaplasty is anywhere from $7000-$9000 including the surgical fee, OR, anesthesia, and all pre and post op visits. My patients are very comfortable during the procedure and in the immediate post operative period, most patients tell me it was much less painful than they expected.

Cost of Labiaplasty

Since labia vary greatly in shape and size, the amount of work required to conduct a labiaplasty will also vary. This will affect price the most. In my practice, a one-sided labiaplasty will take less time than both sides, a clitoral hood reduction will take more time, dealing with scar tissue will take more time, etc. Like anything else, you should expect quality work to command a higher price.

Labiaplasty Cost

Vaginal Rejuvenation has become a hot topic over the past ten years or so as grooming habits have changed. With the majority of women shaving, waxing or doing some type of grooming they have become more aware of the appearance of their vaginal area.

The term vaginal rejuvenation is a broad term that can be used to encompass several procedures with the overall goal of improving the appearance of the vaginal area.

The most common method for rejuvenation is trimming the labia minora (inner lips) this will remove the excess skin that may hang below the vagina.

The second method is fat grafting to the labia majora (outer lips) this will add volume to the area and improve the deflated appearance that women can have after having children or after weight loss.

The two methods can be done together to give the patient the best overall aesthetic result.

The cost depends on which of these procedures is performed and whether the procedure is performed under local anesthesia or with some type of anesthesia. Many patients have the procedure done under local anesthesia, which makes the cost much lower, and are still extremely comfortable during the procedure.

I would recommend that you consult your board certified plastic surgeon so that you can be evaluated and discuss your options.

Price Varies

Price varies depending on the surgeon and city in which they are located. Prices can range around the $2500 to $4000 mark.  

Labiaplasty cost.

Labiaplasty cost depends on what procedures are required to address your concerns, and whether you are doing this under anesthesia or with straight local anesthetic.  For a straight forward labiaplasty, the cost could be ~3000 - 5000 depending on where you go and if you are adding an operating fee and anesthesia fee.
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Cost of Labiaplasty

The cost can depend on the amount of time required to make the best correction.  The prices can also depend on type of sedation used and what type of procedure room is available. In Denver, my price for reduction of labia minora only is approximately $2950.

Cost for labiaplasty

The cost will depend on whether you can have this procedure done in the office under local anesthesia or in the operating room under general anesthesia. Typically, we perfrom this procedure in our office and our cost for a bilateral labiaplasty is approximately 3200.00 including surgeon cost and facility fee.

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Cost of surgery

Each surgeon’s fees will be different depending on many factors.  Factors such as the certification of the surgeon, the experience of the surgeon, if the surgery is performed in the office or in a hospital / outpatient surgery center, if performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia and who is administering the anesthesia.  Don’t choose your surgeon ONLY by price, make sure they can achieve your goals.

Labia minora reduction surgery can range from $3500-$5000 in my area.  If you add the labia majora, that will add more time/ expense.

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