What Are the Characteristics of a Typical Eyelid Surgery Client?

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Excess skin on the upper lids with some puffiness

A typical eyelid surgery client has excess skin on the upper lids with some puffiness. The goal for upper eyelid surgery is to remove primarily the excess skin and a little bit of fat. The lower eyelid surgery is to primarily remove the excess fat and puffiness. Patients who are over 50 usually need a small pinch of excess skin at the lash line on the lower lids.

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Typical candidate for eyelid surgery

There is no typical patient and every procedure must be individualized for anatomy and expectations. A skilled surgeon will consider not only the eyelid skin and fat excess, but the brow and midface contours as well. A well-performed surgery should leave a rested and natural look and not interfere with the very important functions of the lids. That being said, blepharoplasty is a wonderful procedure that has a very high patient satisfaction rate in my experience.

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The typical person interested in eyelid surgery..."looking tired"

The typical person interested in eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) has complaints of "looking tired", "baggy", or "heavy around the eyes". Most of these patients exhibit upper lid skin excess with some excess of fat also. In the lower lids, an excess of fat or skin is typical and many times it is both in combinations. Also, in the lower lid, the "tear trough" is visible. This is a deep line with between the eye fat above and the cheek below.

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