Halo on Asian skin, is it safe to go through it or should I postpone?

I'm an Asian who has a Halo laser procedure scheduled in a few days. My concern is that although my doctor has lots of experience in laser, she's new to Halo and she hasn't done it on Asians. Can you tell me whether it is safe to go through it now or postpone it. Is there any statistics on Asians?

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Halo on Asian skin

Hey there -

One of the best parts about Halo is that it is safe on all skin types.  You want to make sure your provider is experienced in using the Halo on a variety of darker skin types and has settings in mind to treat your specific concerns.  We have done Halo in our office on many Asian patients with great results and no complications!


Dr. Wudel

Edina Otolaryngologist
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