RT Crease dropping after incision issues (thick scar tissue) - revision required? (Photo)

I'm extremely concerned - I've had problems with RT incision since beginning, and noticed that side "dropping faster", but now it seems what happened is actually the crease dropped. It's visably lower than the LT, and no longer tight to the body. Also definitely more give/movement in RT implant. Am I headed for a definite revision? Or is it possible all the heavy scar tissue just caused the appearance of a dropped crease, & therefore won't worsen to a full double bubble?? Thx!

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Not necessarily

What you are seeing is an optical illusion.  The fold itself if not "dropping."  The incision on the right side has risen up a bit which is common.  It is the physics of skin stretch after implant placement.  This will be particularly true if there was pre-operative variably of fold location, skin envelope, etc.  If you are paranoid about the integrity of your fold, see your ps.  One thing that can be done is to use an underwire bra to "lock it in."  This can be done at or around 6 weeks.  Just be careful with the incision and skin of the lower fold.  It can be numb after the procedure and you won't alway know if the wire is creating damage.  Good luck.  

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It loos like you are still healing and one has to give it a good 4-6 months to heal. Things might change a bit more with time. Remember, no two folds are exactly the same. It might be worth looking at your props to review this.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Implants dropping.

Thanks for your question and the photos. The hardest part of the post op process is watching the implants settle. There are huge changes in the first six months and from the look of your incisions you are still pretty early on. As implants drop, they often need coaxing to drop evenly through massage. Usually the dominant side stays higher looking longer and requires more massage but sometimes the opposite occurs. As implants settle the incision often pulls upward to a location more on the bottom of the breasts. I generally focus on the upper portion of the breast, trying to make the upper pole as even as possible. Ultimately there will be differences as breasts are sisters, but not twins. Make your PS aware of your concerns but if you are early post op it is premature to rush in.

Hope this helps.

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