Will changing the tip make the nose look unnatural or fake?

Will changing the tip of a nose make the nose look plastic surgery done. Some patients complain of uneven nostrils after surgery why are they uneven? How hard is it to keep the same style of nose you have but make it smaller? Also will keeping the same shape/style of nose I was born with but changing the length of nose &nostrils give off better results then choosing one in a picture that I like ?

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Rhinoplasty results improve the natural appearance

The goal of rhinoplasty surgery is to make sure the results look natural and balance with the nose. An experienced surgeon carefully assesses the nose to achieve this result.

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Rhinoplasty for changing the tip of the nose

Performing just a tip platy should not make the tip of the nose look unnatural or fake, as long as his then performed  properly and you've healed quite well.

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Will changing the tip make the nose look unnatural or fake?

Natural rhinoplasties occur as a result of good judgment and successful execution.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties and rhinoplasty revisions each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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Nasal shape and form following surgery

Hi.  You have several questions here, so I'll give a short answer for each.  As for the tip of your nose, if you and your doctor determine that it can be improved, surgery should make it look more refined, not as if you've had surgery.  Nasal asymmetry is possible after surgery because of swelling, contraction forces, cartilage grafting, or many other possibilities.  These risks and potential solutions should be discussed at your consultation.  If you want a similar nose to the one that you have, that should be possible and of course needs to be discussed in your consultation.  Yes, I would recommend using your nose as the standard from which changes might be made, not a photo of a different nose.  Good. luck.

Scott K. Thompson, MD
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Complications can occur with any operation.  Tha said most operations on the nose lead to very pleasant results in qualified hands.  I would find a board certified PS in your area with lots of exxperience and then have him take your photo digitally and then alter it with your input.  That way you both will have the same final result in mind going into surgery and the surgeon will be able to inform you what is and what is not possible.

Dr. Corbin

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