Why Do My Eyes Change Shape Throughout The Day After Eyelid Surgery?

Hi. I am 8 weeks post too aggressive upper eyelid surgery to remove excess skin. Eye shape completely changed. I have noticed that there is a slight difference in appearance from morning to afternoon to evening, which repeats itself every day. They look best (still horrible though) in the morning when there is some swelling and then look worse as the day progresses. This happens every day. What does this mean? My surgeon said no need to see him again after he removed stitches! He will not help.

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Eyes that change their shape after eyelid surgery

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It is common for your eyes to change their shape during the day after eyelid surgery.  This is a function of the healing process that involves swelling and "settling" of the tissues around the eyes and may last several months after your procedure.  The "before and after" photos that are typically shown to patients are generally not taken until 9 months to a year after surgery as these subtle changes can often last this amount of time.  These changes will often reflect things like amount of physical activity, how much salt has been in your diet, body position and what was done technically during your surgery.

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