Changing Retainers Too Quickly After Invisalign?

I am wondering if it is absolutely necessary to wear the retainers for 2 weeks, sometimes I change them in 10-12 days because they fit well. What happens when you change them too quickly and move on?

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Do not skip ahead of your Invisalign aligners

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Your end result will not be on track if you speed up your own treatment times..Its actually a good thing to wear them a bit longer (16 days) before moving forword with the next aligner. Please discuss your actions next time you go in to see your doctor.

Los Angeles Dentist

Stay with old aligners for 2 weeks to be certain

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I think you mean "aligners".  Retainers are something different. Your teeth might be moving fast enough to get away with this. Everyone is different. If ever a new aligner doesn't seat completely or seats with difficulty, stay with the old one for the full two weeks.

Daniel W. Schiavone, DDS
Rochester Dentist

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