Changing Facial Bone Structure and Volume with Plastic Surgery (21 Years Old Man)? (photo)

what procedures would make my face more defined and masculin? what type of rhinoplasty could change my bulbous nose into a more refined and straight one especially in the tip? also, should I get chin, cheekbones, jaw angles and brow implants to increase the volume of those structures which would then make a stronger and chiseled facial structure? could those implants be combined with a maxillo facial surgery for top results? also would fillers erase those dark under eye circle I have?

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Jaw and cheek implants

based on the simulations you've provided us and some of the descriptions of your goals both cheek implants and jaw implants would likely be of benefit to you.  it's important that you seek in person consultations with board-certified facial plastic surgeons before proceeding. It's also possible to "experiment" with these surgeries without committing to the surgeries themselves by using fillers first. Many patients feel this may be a waste of time or money but it's a significant life-changing surgery that you're considering and performing what is essentially a real life simulation could be to your benefit. That being said if you would like your face to look a bit more square and stronger particularly in the midface area, cheeks, and angle of jaw I would recommend cheek implants ( not sub malar implants by the way) and jaw implants. With regards to your nose making some subtle changes to the tip could be done at the same time but I don't personally see a strong need for it. That however is simply my opinion. The simulations you've offered here appear realistic and get some information from your board-certified surgeons during consultation to see what their opinion is.

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