Is it possible to change the shape of the chin or jawline?

I have a very U-shaped chin/jaw. It's not terribly strong or square, and I don't have a protruding chin, though I've always wanted more taper to my jawline, to give me more of a heart-shaped face, rather than the awkward sort of oblong shape I've got. Is this something plastic surgeons are able to do? I've mostly read about chin implants, which I don't think would make sense in my case.

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V-Line Jaw Reshaping

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Jawline reshaping can be done through a procedure known as V-Line Jaw Narrowing. This is a common jawline reshaping procedure for those individuals who want to change an oval face to more of a heart-shaped one by altering the lower third of the face. It is particularly common procedure in the Asian female face. It is done from inside the mouth by shaving the length of the lower border of the jawline. It is not commonly done by many plastic surgeons so it my be difficult to find locally.

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