Can I Change the Length of my Gums To Be Longer?

Is it possible to make upper gum longer?

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Making upper gums longer

Yes, you can add gum grafts to do all sorts of things including making gums longer and covering roots of teeth to make teeth look shorter 

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Controlling the Amount of Tooth or Gum shown

If you are looking to show more tooth or show less gum there are procedures for both. In some cases, orthodontics is used as an adjunct to help achieve your goal. If you are looking to show less gum an esthetic crown lengthening procedure may be possible. If you are looking to show less tooth and have recession, then some gum grafting may be possible and there are several techniques to allow for great results. If neither is possible, there is some great evidence to show that lip repositioning procedures will help you possibly attain your goals. In any instance, you need to have a very good restorative doctor or prosthodontist and a very competent periodontist to help you achieve the smile you are looking for. They can help you get to the right people and complete the procedures you need.

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Gum or Gingival graft to Cover Teeth

It is difficult to know what you are trying to achieve with this procedure.  Is it because you are showing roots on your teeth? You must be evaluated for periodonatal disease as a cause of the recession if this is the case.  You may need bone grafting in addition to gum grafting.  Seek the advicce of a Borad certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon of board certified periodontist in you area

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Gum Treatments

What exactly is your goal?  Gums can be moved up and down and re-positioned.  This does not mean that every person or every tooth can have their gums moved.  You will need to see a great Periodontist for a consultation.  This is the only way to tell if your goal is achievable.  The periodontist will need  to see you and your  x-rays to determine several factors; such as bone height, health of teeth and gums & tooth positioning.  It may be that your goal is achievable by other means as well.  Good Luck.

Madeleinne Zapantis, DMD
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Need Further Information, Mr Church

There are many procedures that can change the appearance of your gums but I am not sure what it is that you want to accomplish.  A bit more information and a photo or two would be helpful



Gary Nack, DDS
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