Should I Change to Smooth & Change Profile? (photo)

I have 500cc HP Cohesive II which are more firm than regular cohesive. I wanted smooth! During op surgeon decided to give me firm textured as he said smooth would give me rippling. I thought smooth causes less rippling? I'm happy with size but projection on upper pole too much, there are no Mod + with same width without the projection being a lot less! Shall i change to smooth? would it cause rippling? Is there a chance they will get softer? I had pocket made smaller, I'm 7 weeks out.

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Rippling and implants

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The more cohesive gels will have less rippling. What would be best for you would have to be determined in person.

Thicker gels have less rippling

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Surface texture does not influence rippling.  Thicker gels, as in your case, have less rippling than implants filled with saline or "soft" cohesive I  gels.  Changing to a smooth surface implant without any other change will not likely alter any aspect of your current appearance. The upper pole fullness you write about maybe temporary as implants will descend in the first 3-6 months after surgery.  Persisting fullness after descent maybe from selecting too large a volume for your augmentation and would require exchange with smaller volumes to truly manage the upper pole fullness.

Should I Change to Smooth & Change Profile?

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Based upon the posted photos your result appears very good. And you are ONLY 7 weeks out from surgery. Allow at least 6 months ..//

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