Change the Shape/Arch of my Eyebrows

Hi, im a 27 y/o male. I have very distinctive eyebrows. No arch, and instead of being horizontal above my eye, they are slanted oddly, not down towards my nose, but upwards, giving me a sad look. Its not a serious slant, but enough that I would like to explore options to change it. My eyebrows are too thin to wax or pluck. What are my other options? Thanks.

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Eyebrow shape

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The shape of the eyebrows often determine how others interpret your mood.  Sad or tired are two of the most common descriptions, even though the person may not actually feel this way.  This is a very common scenario.  Essentially, a brow lift, or a temple lift can change the direction and position of the eyebrows.  There are limitations with this type of surgery, so it is important to have an open discussion and ensure that your expectations are in keeping with what your surgeon can do.

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