Changing Placement with Same Breast Implant?

I am going to switch from subpectoral to sunglandualar but will be using the same breast implants. I am getting conflicting information regarding whether there will be a noticeable change in size. What can I expect? My implants are mod+ silicone.

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Changing placement of the implant

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Its hard to understand why some one would do that.You may look  slightly larger depending upon the laxity of the tissue in front of the implant.The natural look will be changed into two sphericals sitting on your chest specially if there is little breast tissue.

With the tight bra in use it may add to more fullness in the upper half and more deeper cleft .

There will be a change in shape

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I'm not sure why you are changing to above the muscle but I think the most common reason I hear is odd motions of the breast with muscluar contraction. This can ofetn be improved on by dividing the muscular attachments to the lower inner ribs, not the breast bone. Regardless of the reason, your new breast look will depend on how thick your natural breat tissues are. In a woman with minimla coverage, above the muscle yields a sharper edge or a more "fake" look. There is no real reason to not use the same breast implants. Take care.

Dr Edwards

Why are you changing?

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It is somewhat unusual to go from under the muscle to above the muscle.  Either way though, you will look slightly larger above the muscle with the same volume implant.

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Yes, it will seem realtively larger

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It will generally gain about 10% of the volume. Therefore if you have a 350cc implant, and put it above the muscle it would seem compable to a 385 Implant placed beneath the muscle.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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