Can I Change my Nostril Shape? (photo)

Increased nostril show and tip rotation after my Rhinoplasty. I have now provided some photos. As you can see my nostrils are now an awful triangular shape with a pointed shape at the top where the cartlidge has been sutured. Is there anything which can be done to turn them back to a more rounded shape like they were before my procedure? I really cannot see how the shape will improve once the swelling has gone down. I am nearly 3 weeks post op.

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Nostril shape

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I am considered an expert on nostril shape and I would do nothing for 3 months or longer. The only accurate determination you can make about your nostrils now is that they will change.

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To soon post Rhinoplasty to see final result

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At this point there is nothing you can do but wait and see what the final result looks like after the swelling resides. I understand what your concerns are from your photograph however it is just to soon to determine what the nostrils and tip rotation will do after the swelling completely dissipates. See your surgeon for an appointment and discuss your concerns and hopefully he/she will put your mind at ease. Time is on your side, be patient and hopefully your concerns will have some resolve. Best regards!

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