Change my implant from submuscular to subglandular? It is good idea? subglandular can avoid lift in a litter ptosis?

BA 6 month ago unhappy 460c under the muscle , high profile , gel silicon 32 B to 32 D high 5.2 weight 110 snoopy deformity the implant to high and areola to low. my surgeon said over the muscle my areola will be in right place but more risk to full down. under the muscle he suggested J or donut lift but I wasn't agree my skin is bad I used to have keloids. please don't suggest any kind of lift because I already knew that and I don't like I'll appreciate any help. Before and after BA below

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Breast Lift Needed To Get The Look That You Want

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Thank you for your question. Your breasts have significant ptosis and only a breast lift will give you the look that you want as shown in the photographs of the shape that you desire.

Simply placing the implants beneath the gland will give you sagging breasts that will not look like the before and after photos that you show.

There are benefits to having the breast implants beneath the muscle which you've already have. I would not change the location of your implants but simply do a breast lift.

Sub muscular vs Sub Glandular placement

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Submuscular placement may be more uncomfortable the first few days following surgery. The possible benefits of submuscular placement are that it may result in less palpable implants, less capsular contracture, and it will make it easier to image the breast with mammography. The appearance may be more “natural” for patients who are very thin. Subglandular placement may make your surgery andrecovery shorter and you may have less discomfort. This placement may provide a slight “lift”. Subglandular placement may result in more palpable implants, more capsular contracture and more difficult imaging of the breast with mammography. This placement is often recommended for those patients with sagging, but do not want a breast lift (mastopexy) and for tubular breast deformity

Breast implant revision

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I prefer to place the implants below the muscle. You have a complex case worth discussing in person with your plastic surgeon. Best of luck.

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