Possible Change in Nose Due to Injury?

Would a injury to both upper and lower jaw cause your nose's position to shift or change in anyway (e.g. form,position). Where can i go to find out if it did? I mean it feels and still looks like there is still swelling going on (no bruising) on my lower jaw and upper jaw (maxilla) of when i hit my left jaw bottom first onto a wooden table back in April 2012. However, could have this injury affected my nose anyway whatsoever.

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Rhinoplasty surgery

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Dear nyc13,

  • Do your teeth line up correctly?
  • Anything can happen, you should really see a surgeon who does facial trauma sooner than later

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Injury and Facial Fracture

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The only way an injury to the maxilla or the mandible (jaw) would affect the position of your nose would be if you suffered a fracture to the surrounding bones or injured your nose directly.  If at the time of your injury you did not fracture your facial bones then it is extremely unlikely that the position of your nose shifted.  Oftentimes after we injure our face, the accident and the swelling may bring a heightened awareness to our face.  We may now notice that our nose is not in the midline or is slightly crooked even if this was the case before the accident.  It is not that our nose necessarily shifted but we are now more aware of it.  Also, if there is asymmetric swelling of our face this may also create the illusion of asymmetry of the nose.  I would consult with a surgeon who performs rhinoplasty as well as facial trauma repairs as they would have a good ‘eye’ to address your concerns.

Would need a fracture of the upper jaw

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You would need to have had a fracture also of the upper jaw, the maxilla for the nose to be crooked.  A Le Fort fracture is a type of fracture that can move the nose.  Ask your doctor about this.

Facial Fracture and Nose

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A facial fracture involving the maxilla could result in a change to your nose.

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