Change in Left Eye? (photo)

A month ago my eyes changed. They began to feel strained when focusing & as if they were crossing. I noticed that my left eye was a bit higher and would move outwards when looking in different directions. A month later and my left eye looks like it`s bulging. My eyelid has also become thicker as I no longer have a deep crease like my right eye. My eyes used to be perfectly fine I`m 100% sure of this. Had an eye exam & got prescribed prism glasses for eye strain. Anyone know what could be wrong?

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You saw an optometrist.

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It is very unlikely that an ophthalmologist would prescribe a prism for "eye strain."  Some would argue that the prism has the potential to make your eye strain worse but this would depend on your actual findings.  However, this does not account for the ptosis you are describing.  I would encourage you to see an oculoplastic surgeon.  You might look at the website for the American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS).  The site has a regional directory that can help you find a well qualified surgeon near where you live.

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Did you see an optometrist?

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As recommended earlier, you should see an Oculoplastics surgeon or an Ophthalmologist [an MD] rather than an optometrist.

What you are describing can be seen with thyroid eye disease, or possibly other causes of proptosis [eye bulging].

ASOPRS dot org is the website you should look to find someone close to you.

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