Can I Change my Caucasian Eyes into Asian Eyes?

I search for a surgery wich make my eyes look more asian. I dont want a singel eye lid but i want to look cloose to the south american or filipino eyes is that possible? I realy want to do that!!

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Caucasian into Asian

A lateral canthopexy is the procedure in which you will be looking to have done. While this type of surgery is possible, it is also advised against. This procedure is difficult and the results do not always look natural. Do your research and find a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in this type of surgery. Be sure to make a consultation with them and ask all of your questions.    "Dr.D"

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Changing caucasian to oriental eyes is very hard.

To create a more almond shaped eye with an up slant at the outer corner a lateral canthopexy would be the choice.  I have never heard of changing the caucasian eyelid to an asian eyelid.  Procedures which improve someones appearance, are easily reproducible and reliable in their results are quickly adopted by plastic surgeons as we all want the best for our patients.  The fact that this procedure is so difficult to find should make you wary of anyone offering it.

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Not so much.

Dear Latinhug

WIthout examining you, I think you are likely headed for trouble.  It is much easier (and generally a mistake) to make an Asian eyelid look more Western.  Making a Western eyelid look Asian is very difficult and it is much more likely that you surgeon will deform you.  Will you be happy being deformed.  Surprisingly I have meet people who have been deformed by surgery and yet they seem very content with their altered appearance.  However, as a clinician I am always concerned that when someone seems detached from reality there must be an element of psychosis involved.  If you are not psychotic, this may not work for you.  If you are psychotic, the risk of being unhappy after surgery is even higher.   I would advise you to approach your quest very careful.  The potential for harm here is significant.

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Change my Caucasian Eyes into Asian Eyes

The achieve the Oriental appearance a lateral cantopexy/plasty is the operatibe path. But you need to see in person a boarded surgeon with experience in this operation. Best of luck From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

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