It is Possible to Change a Few Things in Caucasian Eyes?

Hello I was reading some questions, and I saw that it is impossible to change from causasian to asian eyes (thing that I really want). Though, there's something I'd like to change in my eyes. They are quite roundedish (in the pictures you'll see it). There is a way of changing it? (I pulled my skin in the second picture, to do the wanted effect). Thanks.

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Create an epicanthal fold with filler, not surgery

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From your photos, it looks like what you want to achieve is an "epicanthal fold". This is a little web of tissue that overlaps the upper eyelid crease  and middle corner of the eye, near the nose. The simplest way to achieve this is by injecting a drop of filler in the upper eyelid. I do not recommend a surgical approach to correct this in your situation.

Another option to achieve a less round, more "asian" looking eye is by performing a canthoplasty. (The canthus is the corner of the eye, where the upper and lower eyelids meet).

With a canthoplasty, the eyelid is tightened from the outer corners (not the inner corners, as you have shown in your photos). Tightening the lower eyelid and bringing it up at the outer corner will yield more of a slanted eyelid, less rounding of the lower lid, and less whites of the eyes showing, but it will not create the epicanthal fold.

I hope that makes sense...

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

More fullness above upper eyelid crease

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To create more fullness above upper eyelid crease and lower the visible portion of the crease near the inner upper eyelid, I would suggest trying a small amount of Restylane or Juvederm injected just beneath the skin of the inner upper eyelid just above the crease.  Lowering the crease surgically is possible, but difficult to be performed precisely and symmetrically.  You are seeking a very minimal change, and the risk of such a surgical procedure is probably not worth the expected benefit.  Try injectables first.

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