Will Change in Body Fat Percentage Affect my Necklipo Results?

This is a difficult question. When I had lipo done on my neck I was around 13 to 14 percent body fat weighing around 205lbs. I am now 195lbs and 11 to 12 percent body fat. The great results from the lipo have remained the same. I was wondering if there will be effects if I fluctuate between 9 to 12 percent body fat (187lbs to 197lbs)? Does it matter if my weight fluctuates as long as I stay under the 205lbs and 13-14 percent body fat I weighed when I had the surgery?

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What happens to liposuction areas if body fat % increases?

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Your neck will be fine but your question is great.   Increasing body fat makes us look fat.  The high school athletic hero who was 200 at age 18 and 10% body fat returns to a reunion at age 50 at the very same weight but looks.....FAT.   WHY?    Because he is now 35% fat possibly, or more.  The neck area is almost never a problem with weight gain or increasing fat % after lipo but other areas are affected.   We tell patients to reflect what we take when they step on the scale 3  months post op.   We ask them to then match what we took if they are overweight.  REFLECT ON THE SCALE, MATCH THE SURGEON'S FAT WEIGHT TAKEN IF YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT, AND DO NOT LET YOUR BODY FAT INCEREASE.   This is the secret to great and lasting lipo results.  But worry not about your neck.  Almost never does a neck become a pproblem with weight gain after lipo.  Other  treated areas can increas in bulk as can shoulders. or breasts, et etc.     Reflect....in 3 months       Match in one year if you are overweight, and exercise to keep body fat % stable.   You are thinking about all this and I commend you.  Keep it up life long. And great luck.   You are a winner,  I can tell.  

Small changes in body fat won't change your great neck liposuction results

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There is not much fat in most necks that undergo liposuction so the percent change in your body fat now won't make much of a difference. If you gain or lose much weight, there will be more change in the areas that have more fat cells and that didn't undergo surgery.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Body Fat affecting Lipo Results

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Minor fluctuations in body fat are not going to make great differences in your lipo results.  However, it is key to keep in mind that lipo is not a weight loss technique - only a contouring technique.  Weight loss depends on diet and exercise.


Good Luck.

Weight loss can affect neck lipo results

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You are experiencing minor fluctuations.  This should not affect you result adversely.  You will see a change in the amount of fat in your neck as you lose weight, but with this small amount, you shouldn't develop any skin laxity.

Michael Orseck, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon
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Will Change in Body Fat Percentage Affect my Necklipo Results?

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Not a difficult question. The answer is NO. Maybe you are concerned about other issues like skin laxity? 

Neck Liopsuction Results Will Remain With Minor Fluctuations In Weight

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The long-term results of liposuction on most areas of the body are ultimately determined by what happens aiwht one's weight. The neck is not different. As long as you stay under your weight at the time of your original surgery, then your neck liposuction result should be unchanged. The percent body fat and weight ranges that you are talking about are not significantly large (195 to 205 lbs) so that change will likely not make any difference in the neck. 

Neck lipo and body fat

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If you body fat ratio stays fairly consistent, you probalby will not notice a change in the results, but if you get really thin or really heavy, you probably will see  a difference.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Weight loss and gain can greatly affect neck liposuction

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The face and neck is an area very sensitive to weight loss and gain. You don't need to worry about small weight fluctuations, however significant reductions in body fat will show visible differences in the neck and face. Just tune into one of the popular weight loss contest shows and week to week you will see for yourself the impact on facial appearance. That alone should be enough to motivate anyone to maintain a stable lean weight and healthy lifestyle.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.0 out of 5 stars 44 reviews

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