I had an abnormal mole cut out of my upper left chest, incision is 1.5 cm long now there's a large hard moveable lump. (photo)

Small mole cut out of upper chest at dermatology office, incision is 1.5 cm long. 5 external stitches, and 2 internal placed on 6-1-16, removed 6-15-16. I have been on ASA 325mg daily, my dermatologist was aware, no orders to stop it. 24 hr after the procedure I had bruising the exact size of the dressing. Days later I noticed a large hard lump under the entire length of my stitches & extends 2mm around my incision. No s/s infection, no fever. pain 1/10 with applied medium pressure.

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Scar on Body With Swelling

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See your dermatologist or plastic surgeon to ensure there is no hematoma or seroma.    Best, Dr. Emer.

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