About 4 months post op, 430cc UHP silicone overs. Feels like my left implant has moved "out of the pocket". (photos)

It feels different to the touch than the right, and it has more rippling on the bottom. Am I being paranoid or does it look concerning? How complicated is a revision surgery? I am wanting to get areola reduction surgery next, is this a good time to revise the pocket (if needed)?

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don't show anything horribly wrong... and not knowing what you were like before doesn't help.  Rippling is an inherent problem with thin coverage and large implants and you can pursue revisions for this but at additional costs, risks, and time for recovery.  As for implant position, an exam would be needed to better determine just what may be happening so consider seeing your surgeon for further recommendations.  An areola reduction would be great but the potential for poor scarring every high.

Implant displacement of ultrahigh profile 430 mL silicone implants.

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Thank you for your photos and question.  It appears that your ultra high-profile implants were placed above the muscle leading to the configuration of your upper chest area.  If you wish to leave it in this position I would recommend a capsulorrhaphy to elevate the left implant at the same time as Benelli mastopexies to elevate your nipples and narrow their diameters.All the best,
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Feels like my left implant has moved "out of the pocket".

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast surgery. Based on your photographs and description, it sounds like you are dealing with a breast implant displacement problem; revisionary breast surgery (capsuloraphhy) will likely be necessary to improve your outcome.  Timing of surgery will depend on your plastic surgeon's judgment;  it will likely be best for you to undergo the areola reduction and revisionary breast surgery at the same time.  Discuss your concerns/goals carefully with your chosen plastic surgeon;  make sure that he/she has significant experience helping patients with this type of revisionary breast surgery. Best wishes.

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Hi Haisola,
Thanks for your question and photos. It is hard to tell just based on your photos. An in person exam is needed to know how thin you tissue is. As far as revision surgery. It is not "hard" but time consuming as it appears that your implants are sitting low and there is a noticeable step-off from your chest and the implants. It is normal to feel the implant on the bottom as the implant usually is not covered by muscle  even if your implants were placed under the muscle. An areola reduction would lift your breast and at that time you could "tighten" the breast pocket to help elevate it and help decrease the chances of rippling. Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. Good Luck!

All the best,

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