Looking for an oculoplastic surgeon (ASOPRS) eyelid specialist who only performs Blepharoplasty surgeries in Arizona

Are oculoplastic surgeons (ASOPRS) eyelid specialist who only perform Blepharoplasty surgeries? If not how would I go about finding a eyelid specialist who only specializes in eyelid surgery? Thank you!

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Looking for an oculoplastic surgeon

Hello.  I know of two excellent board-certified oculoplastic surgeons in the East Valley near Chandler.  Jeffrey Edelstein and Lisa Mansueto.  Both are well qualified with years of experience.  

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Jeffrey Paul Edelstein, M.D. ASOPRS member - Chandler, AZ

This year, I celebrated my 27th anniversary as a private practice Oculoplastic surgeon in Arizona. 

Please see many doctor's websites to find the right Oculoplastic Surgeon for you. 

Jeffrey P. Edelstein, MD
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The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery maintains a regional directory.

Their website (ASOPRS dot org) has a directory that will help you find an ASOPRS surgeon close to home.  Remember that the credential does not make the surgeon.  The training does not ensure that a particular surgeon will be right for you.  Many surgeons are focused on reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery is a side line.  Carefully study their website along with their credentials.  Make sure that the surgeon does the work you are looking for and that you like the work.

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