2 weeks post op of Septorhinoplasty, would saline spray effect my nose in negative way?

So I had septorhinoplasty around two weeks ago. I got my external splint removed a week or so after the operation. I will get my internal splints off at the exact two week mark. However, I was not under the impression that I should be using saline spray. I do have crusting/ scabbing in my nose. I now understand that saline spray is vital but will it effect my nose in a long term negative way? If u use it soon will scabbing improve right away? (I will get my spray today)

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2 weeks post op of Septorhinoplasty, would saline spray affect my nose in negative way?

  Always ask your surgeon about what he or she prefers.

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Saline nasal spray after rhinoplasty

Following rhinoplasty, there can be a build up of mucous and old blood in the nasal passages that can cause congestion. During this recovery period, saline nasal spray may be necessary to help break up this material and clear the nasal airway so that breathing returns to normal. Saline is quite harmless but you should be careful when inserting the tip of the spray bottle so as not to cause any trauma to the tissues. You should discuss if this is required with your surgeon during your follow-up visits.

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Saline spray after rhinoplasty

Dear Mckayla,

  • Yes, you should use the spray because you should not be blowing your nose during these first few weeks of healing
  • Check out your post-op instructions and see what else you might be missing

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When to Use Saline Spray After Septorhinoplasty

Saline spray is routinely recommended by rhinoplasty surgeons after nasal surgery because it can help clear blood and light scabs that have developed inside the nose and keeps the mucous membranes moist to prevent further scab formation. Healing of intranasal incisions and return of normal nasal physiology tend to occur at an accelerated pace if saline spray is utilized. However, a short delay is starting saline spray is unlikely to affect your long term healing.

My patients typically begin using saline spray the day after surgery. Your surgeon will tell you when the right time for you is to start using saline spray based on the type and extent of surgery performed. If you did not receive written instructions about when to start saline spray, you should be able to call the surgeon's office for an answer.

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Saline spray

Absolutely go ahead and start the spray. It can still help to moisten the lining and soften/loosen the crusts. This will also help to make the  splint removal easier.

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