How Can I Get Rid of a Painful Puckering/Dog Ear on the Dorsum of my Nose After Surgery? (photo)

My surgeon took a flap from the front of my nose, to fill in a hole on the side of my nose, after mohs surgery, 18 months ago. The end results were more scarring and painful puckering on my dorsum. He will not do a revision. Can another plastic surgeon with more experience, provide me with a better cosmetic look and less pain?

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Dog-ear after Moh's and reconstruction

Dear AZhikergirl

Sorry to hear about your nose.

  • if its been 18 months and you have been massaging, wearing sunscreen, and protecting your face from the sun, then you can get a consult for options. 
  • the "puckering may require some tissue rearrangement, cartilage grafting, or fat transfer
  • the scar may be treated with dermabrasion (as suggested by another colleague) or laser resurfacing
  • Find out your options in a consult.

Best Wishes 

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Dog Ear on Nasal Dorsum after Mohs Surgery

The dog ear can be eliminated with a small procedure under local anesthesia. There is no reason to tolerate this fullness.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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You can trying seeing a board certified dermatologist and they may be able to dermabrade the scar.

Christofer Buatti, DO
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