I have have short lips and I really want to know can they be fixed! (photos)

I hate my lips , they are short & plus there shape is not normal. Can they be fixed with using Lip filling or any other techniques so that my lips at least become normal.

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Lip and changing the shape

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It appears from the photos that part of the problem may also be an overbite as well.  I would consult both a dermatologist with expertise with lip injections and an orthodontist to assess and correct it for you.  Best, Dr. Green


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You could also consider a small lip reduction, usually done in the office under local anesthesia, if you would prefer smaller lips. I would suggest meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon and discussing all your options.

Lip filler?

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Hello, and thanks for your question and photos. I do think you're a good candidate for subtle re-shaping and volumizing of the lips using a hyaluronic acid filler. I recommend an in-perosn consult with a well-trained and experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Hope this opinion is helpful to you. Best of luck, Dr. Frucht.   

Lip Augmentation For Symmetry And Contouring

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photographs.  Sorry that you are having some concerns about the appearance of your lips.  Based on your photographs, you appear to be an excellent candidate for a conservative lip augmentation with a dermal filler such as Juvederm for symmetry and contouring purposes.  Please be sure to see an expert injector for an in-person consultation to fully address your concerns and to discuss your goals and expectations in order to determine the best treatment plan.  Best wishes!

I have have short lips and I really want to know can they be fixed!

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Dermal fillers are useful at smoothing subtle irregularities as well as enhancing lip definition and volume.  Depending on your desired goals this may be a good temporary resolution to your concerns.  Be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation.  

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