How I can increase my nose size without surgery?

My nose size is smaller so I want to increase size plz suggest for the same

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Without evaluating you in person and getting a good grasp of your concerns it is difficult to provide you with a qualified answer. You may not be able to achieve a "larger" nose without surgery! However, if it is just a small change on the dorsum or sidewalls of the nose, one nonsurgical option would be to inject filler to change your profile. I do want to caution you though that this is a potentially risky behavior and you MUST find a qualified practictioner who is board qualified. There have been cases of skin necrosis (skin dying) on the nose because of improperly injected materials! The skin on the nose is very thin and delicate and must be handled properly. I hope this was helpful, if you would like to send me photos or call my office for a skype/facetime consultation, I would be happy to answer your questions. -Dr. Mills

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